Stay youth trough and with music.

Each day going or passing for a being Just mean that he is becoming old in age. Out from the quantity of the age, many things can make somebody never seem old despite of his old age Among these things, we can talk about music.

Effects of music on human

Nowadays we remark many old people trying every time become young with all modern contemporain things existing.

Between all these things there are music and other different things improved into new, but it depend on the type of the person.

With that music, they relax themselves by enjoying it, remenbering some past moment they have had in they young age and feel very young in themselves and continu to do some things they used to do before in the past.

The great surprise appear when we are in front of some old people who move very well they bodies during the enjoyment of the music.

A great way of enjoyment in music

Despite the evolution of their age, some old people, as grand fathers and grand mothers, still conserving their old behaviour till oldness.

There are for exemple some of them who used to relish at least one music a day, when they were very young and then they still conserving this behaviour, in order to feel everyday young.

Some old people just follow the music, it means that they like every kind or type of music, even if they can't understand it.

Their first aim is to enjoy and relish the music of some artists such as Garou, Céline Dion, Henrique, Koffi Olomidé, Jennifer Lopez, Hiro, Charlotte Dipanda,  Angélique Kijo and many artists.

So music also can make many old people feel young, even if white hair appear on their head. Urban, Classic, traditional, or modern music, whatever the type or kind of the music, the great aim for old people is to relish themselves in music.

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