Impact of modern music on urban and classic music

As we know, new things are more attractive for contemporain people. These new things  mean  the modernization of old things into new things. The new thing we are going to talk here is modern music ,which are just performances of the old urban and classic music.

 Old urban and classic music

For more century, music have been and still being the savor for a good and attractive party or enjoyment. Urban music has been a precious pearl for our grand fathers and mothers in the past for the reason that just few person get direct access to it.

They can only relish their music if  they have a radio at home ortherwise they ought to go to disco in spite of enjoying themselves.

Most of the music they use to relish are the ones of the famous James Brown and others famous singers.

Classic music is another type of music, loved by some categories of people, especialy old people.

Increasing of modern music.

Officialy known as new songs, modern music are most of the time the improvement of old urban music.

Modern music generaly attract people to move theirs bodies and stay in good atmospher in enjoyment.

For exemple, people like to enjoy themselves with the music song of Shakira, Beyoncé, and recent famous artists as Aya Nakamura, Koffi Olomidé , Singuila, Yemi Aladé, Kerozen, Flavour, Davido, Mr Léo, Daphné, Sidiki Diabaté, Méwé, Zeynab, Fanicko, Sèssimè  and Many orthers famous one.

The real thing which interest people is the ambiance, even if they don't understand the language of the music they are relishing.

In conclusion, we can confirm with certitude that modern music are increasing more than urban and classic music, because of the ambiance that it procur to the contemporain geneation and also to old people.

Urban and Classic music are the bases of modern music. Then it depends most of the time on the choices of the person who want to enjoy the music.

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