Mixture of sounds in contemporain music.

Looking at many changes operated with the actual century, music also has been touched by the new coming artists, into modern music or contemporain music. These changes ressemble sometimes to new music by the fact that its interest and attract people savoring it everytime.

Improvement of music by mixture

The last changes in music show that artists and singers use to blend many sounds or music, in spite of obtaining new music.

Face to that, people appreciate it as new music coming with modernity and choose the one they like more as favorit.

This behaviour of mixture is just to pût people in good atmospher, making them like modern music.

All these changes represant thé improvement of old music to make its attractive to women and man who relish it.

Ambiance in music mixed.

The principal thing which attract people in the mixture is the ambiance and enjoyment it proccur to thème.

Some artists like to make mixture of music by adding a rythm to another zone, as mixing zouk to rumba.

One exemple of that kind of mixture is the Congolese artist Fally Ipupa, in most of his songs, in  which he pût people in ambiance.

An other artist behavioured in mixture of music is Singuila, precisely in his last music of 2020 and 2021.

There are many artists who are behavioured to mixture of music sounds and all of them get a great aim.

This aim is to impression  people by making them send cookies or comment the music positively.

Finally we can conclude that the mixture of musical sounds artists behaviour to, is an attractive way to make people interest themselves to music, staying in good atmospher by singing and moving bodies.

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