Appeasement and Good atmospher in music.

Since many century, musical sounds had existed and still existing. More than sounds, its represant music for women and men of each region. With that, people can avoid or convert many situations and problems happening to them at every kind of moment in theirs lives, in courage.

The relief's way with music

During theirs lives, people are most of the time faced to some life difficulties, making them loose courage and become hopeless.

Then, people discover their relief in music, in order to convert their bad moments in hope or take patience in every situations.

For example, the song "You are not Alone" of the dead artist Mickaël Jackson can reconfort somebody who seams or think that he is alone in life.

The song " Soledad" of the artist Laura Pausini also can reconfort women and men living in  love disappointment condition .

The good atmosphere with music

At every kind of moments in people life (birthday and others parties),music is the special thing that gives flavour to party.

There are many song that people like than others music,depending on the category of the women and men who are earing the music.

One of those music is the song "Jérusalema" of Master KG,whose music impact people all over the world.

An other one is the music named "Makosa" of the dead artist Manu Dibango ,whose music is exclusively in Saxophone..

For others people it is the music of  "Yemi Aladé" ,the artist of Nigeria in her news songs like the  one which title is "Turn up".

Whatever the problem that people has,they must know that the better way would be the one of earing music in order to increase they courage. Then they can also convert their sadness and anger in enjoyment or just take easly every thing happening to them. With all these,we can conclude that music is a great way of appeasement and of creating good atmospher

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